How can we appreciate varying textures of hair if we don't know what natural texture looks like?

Have you ever felt betrayed by the way that visual media fails to accurately represent textured hair?

Would you like to learn hacks that will allow you to decode the images that are being used to persuade you to buy products that are often mediocre at best?

Do you wish you could get a better understanding of what realistic tight natural texture looks like so that you can level up with your own hair? 

Are you a stylist looking to better advise your clients so they realistic and achievable hair goals? 

Join me for this 2 hour virtual class where I'll teach you my C.L.U.E. system for understanding images of hair in media. I'll also guide you through a series of case studies where I'll show you how I analyze visual media for context and authenticity. 

Get informed about the capabilities and limitations of textured hair as a medium so you can know when you're looking at realistic images versus those that have been modified in order to create an aesthetic.

Can't wait to teach you these tools that have saved me so much precious time and money!

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